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Financial Planning

Some time ago, we realized that our clients wanted something more than tax preparation and tax advice. They wanted solid and comprehensive advice from someone they could trust. We became believers that everyone should have a roadmap or financial plan. How can you get to where you want to go without direction? We can offer our clients financial planning in areas where we are qualified and hold a particular expertise.

Financial planning in areas that are better served by others, we use experts and collaborators. We serve as the central hub and put everything together in a comprehensive manner.

Financial planning is personal and must be tailored to the individual, couple, or family. Our approach to financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all template, but dependent on the needs, goals, and objectives of our client.

A financial planning engagement can be limited in scopes. For example, examining and independently determining your current and future insurance requirements to see if you have the right amount of coverage or the right type of insurance. It could be the planning for your children’s education needs. We also engage comprehensive financial plans that examine in detail all aspects of your financial plan, ranging from retirement planning, investment insurance, education planning, and estate planning.