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Our Values

You are standing on the threshold of a very important decision: what to look for in a tax advisor, CPA, or financial planner.

When searching for an answer to this question, you need to consider not only the costs of preparing a tax return or the advice received, but also the quality of the particular service in question and the expertise and experience of those service professionals delivering you that advice.

Jung Novikoff & Stevens, LLP has a long history of providing superior service, advice, and tax preparation by doing this with in-depth expertise and knowledge. Our focus is to provide the best financial, tax, and business advice.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients with the best practices in place for tax, business, and financial advice. What binds us together is our attitude towards people, values, trust, and the confidence that they have in us. The trust relationship between our firm and our clients is sacred.

We look to do something better and different. We are a dedicated group of professionals who deliver superior tax advice, business valuation, and personal financial planning. We have created an environment in which a cross-disciplinary team of accounting, legal, financial, and business professionals interact and collaborate with each other to provide a superior advisory service.